5 Small Changes To Make Your House A Home

When it comes to our dream home people always tend to think bigger is better but in truth, I love adding cute character touches to our smaller home for a cozier feel not only for us but guests and out of towners as well. 

5 small changes to make your House A Home

  1. Add Some Art Work– if you have any bare walls in your home, spruce it up by adding some fun art work. This can be your time to get creative with either bright pieces to make the room more entertaining or even putting up artwork that your kids have created in school. Adding art in certain spots of your home can also be great conversation pieces for guests and out of towners to discuss when they come visit your home. Some pieces can be large and take over an entire wall or add different ones to create a personalized gallery wall within the front room of your home. Whatever you choose, make it personal, exciting and your focus. 
  2. Fill In The Gaps With Plants – Another way to fill gaps within your home isn’t just with artwork but also plants too. Did you know plants can also help improve your air quality within your home as well? Not only that, plants are known to boost people’s moods as well as lower your stress levels. I like to add plants in almost every room of my house if I can ( some with fake ones too for year round enjoyment ). 

Put Out Pillows And Throws – A way to add a cozy element to your home is putting out plush pillows and comfortable throws for you to grab. This is something I like to add in the guest bedroom of my home for out of towners who had a long day of driving or flying to feel the small elements of comfort within the space. Are too many throw pillows really enough? I personally never and you can change or add different patterns or textures to the space to brighten it for all seasons of the year. Doesn’t everyone enjoy sinking into a comfortable bed after a long day with soft blankets and comfy pillows? These are the small changes that can make the biggest difference for friends who are excited to stay within your home.

4. Improve With Fencing – If you have small children or even a pet, you might want to keep everyone together in your backyard but not sure how. Why not add some fencing? Of course there are various types of fences out there to keep you and your family secured, but you could step it up a notch by adding Ipe Fencing. Brazilian Wood Depot offers this type of unique wood, horizontal Ipe Fencing which is a hardwood, long lasting wood that is best suited for flatter areas. If you’re in the market, be sure to make sure to give them a call to see how they can help answer any questions and give you the best security and proper curb appeal to your home that you’re looking for. 

5. Class Up Your Closet – Do your closets need a makeover ?  This is a simple change to make from changing the light bulb to a softer glow so it’s not so harsh when you are putting your clothes in there. Another way to class your closet up is by rearranging your shelving. Depending on how much space you have, you can add some room by folding your sweaters, jeans and out of season clothes into boxes and storing them away for the time being. Keep items out that you use on a daily basis and add some artwork or hangers on walls for hats or purses. 

I’m sure there are many more small changes you can make to your home that can help transform it in minutes. These small changes are a great way to begin thinking of a few spring projects in the near future too before the warm weather hits. I can’t wait to see what projects and things you’re excited to start on your home!

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